We’re back with another series of Fanclubs favs TikToks! Don’t worry if you haven’t got any exciting Friday night plans as we’ve got a selection of hilariously funny TikToks that will put you in good stead for an all-night TikTok binge. Enjoy! 


Jess: This TikTok is based on real life events that took place in my own home on Monday 22nd June 2020 at 6.42pm. They don’t specify in the clip that the Shepards Pie was vegetarian but I can confirm it was made of lentils and delicious. 





Emily: A terrifying baby grimacing with a mouth full of chocolate pancakes caught me off guard amidst the boring baby-in-different-outfits videos.






Fab: Remember that weird period of time on Tinder where literally every straight white guy had a picture on their profile with a tiger? I see that trend and raise you; fish. Yes, there’s now a weird trend on Tinder where men are now posing with their proudest catch. The best part about it? THIS REVIEW. Anything with a wobble effect sends me west and the fact she states how much she hates people’s fish is incredible.




Camille: This recent TikTok is one of my favourites for a number of reasons. Not only do I back the central thesis (wear a mask! There’s a pandemic!) but I’m also really into TikTok user @cowgirlsosa’s outfit, hair and makeup; her narrative structure; excellent punchline; and use of music. It really is a perfectly crafted little episode with brevity that Aaron Sorkin could only dream of.  




Paul: So on TikTok – I don’t really follow anyone but one of my daughters says that shrekdumpster is good – I watched her – she’s better than your average vacuous tiktoker to be honest. But I should really be promoting my cousin in the states – he’s a tiktoker with 800k followers. His name is gabe.lucas so I should say him. He does comedy skits.




Emilee: For anybody who hasn’t been keeping up to date with the hero that goes by @Rohitoygre you are truly missing out. Rohit started his Tiktok journey over 30 days ago, his channel documents his path towards giving up ‘fizzy drink’, which he admits he had an addiction to. Rohit has not only not had any ‘fizzy drink’ for 32 days (and counting), but has also gained a huge following of people supporting him every step of the way. Scroll through Rohit’s channel here to see his progress! Let’s hear it for Rohit, what a legend. 


Hannah: My choice of TikTok is a little crude but also absolutely hilarious! What makes it funny is that it’s clearly the first time the guy in the TikTok has been introduced to the real England and not the ‘posh and proper’ England that is depicted in so many American movies.