Who will rule the future or marketing? Creatives or coders?

This is just one of the questions posed by the Tech Off, a regular and hugely popular event hosted by the marketing technology company TechDept; which Fanclub helped create in order to build relationships with key press, industry influencers and prospective clients.

It’s a bit like fight-club, but with geeks. The format originally hailed from the basement of a pub in Soho, London, but has since proved so successful that the organisers of two of the world’s biggest advertising conferences, Eurobest and Cannes Lions, invited Techdept to host a Tech Off at their events.

Off the back of these events, we’ve secured journalist briefings and coverage in industry and national press. And, of course, we’ve helped foster all important relationships with new client prospects. This is just the surface of the work we’re doing with the team at TechDept.

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