There are places that sell cheesy chips, pizza and kebabs that line our highstreets. Standard. But then there are mighty vendors of our indulgent pleasures that stay with us through our lives – Scoobie Snacks from Dundee’s 24 Hour Clark’s bakery, Dorothy’s of Cardiff’s lovely chicken curry and chips. Legends; created on drunken student nights out.

Hungry? Why are we torturing you with this while you’re sat at work reading PR case studies? Well, it’s through this topic that we created a campaign for

As a property search website for students, relies heavily on organic search traffic. Fanclub was tasked with both helping to increase search ranking through link-building and driving brand awareness and credibility.

We worked on an integrated content, PR and social media campaign centred around the one thing that we knew students love – these famous mouth-watering shops and trucks that have fed generations of our nation’s brightest minds on their nights out.

Through social media key word analysis, we identified the UK’s greatest drunk food vendors and applied ranking factors to them – opening hours, proximity to student accommodation, and value. Then we took the top 20 and placed them in the Drunk Food Index, an on-site piece of content that ranked the nation’s favourite drunk food vendors.

We pitched these nationally, locally and to youth media, securing 17 pieces of coverage across websites with an average domain authority of 59. These articles were shared over 3,800 on social media, and 60% of these articles contained links back to, helping to boost search rankings and awareness.

The only problem was trying to stick to the healthy diet that us PRs are supposed to have. Not an easy task when you’re working on a campaign like this. Thanks for reading. I’m off to the kebab shop.